“To Protect, Further and Prove on a Global Scale”
(Tueri Ulterius Probare)

To Protect: Establishing a valid reason for the use and ownership of weapons used in ELR is critical to maintaining gun rights in much of the world. By insuring that no single entity can buy out and or take over our discipline for its own gains. By creating a ‘Free Space’ where shooters can share information in a searchable structure. Nothing insures freedom better than unfettered access to information.

To Further:
As we collect data, advance techniques and develop new technologies; we can not only advance the ability of civilian hunters and target shooters but we can offer intrinsic value to military’s and demonstrate the value of ELR shooting.

To Prove:
By promoting and supporting ELR competitions around the world, we help to foster an environment in which people can demonstrate their skills and offers a chance for the successes of ELR equipment to be showcased.

Global Scale:
By providing a multi lingual platform and engaging organizations from all continents, we truly have a Global presence. This helps us all and gives us a larger voice.