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    The scoring calculation for Ko1M is nearly identical to Ko2M. The only differences are that the minimum included range has dropped to 900 yards and the minimum rank for sequential targets is also 900. This is distinct from Ko2M where the sequential target requirement starts at 2100 yards.

    All match data that reports where guns of 338 caliber or lower and 26 pounds or less is included. Thus if a qualifying gun was shot in heavy class, it is still included here.

    Because of the low volume of light gun match data and the low depth of that data, entry into Ko1M 2022 will be based upon the rank that either member of the team has earned in with there Ko2M or Ko1M ranking. However, this will not be the case in 2023 where entry will require ranking in the Ko1M rankings alone.

    Match directors wishing to submit match scores for inclusion in the ranking may send them to Ko2M@FCSA.org. Because of the persistent problems with flashers, only matches that judge impacts beyond 1500 yards by either video or a forward observer will be accepted for ranking however all scores are welcome and will be archived for ELR history. If you need guidance on this feel free to contact us.

    The 2022 score sheet is available here (Ko2M style matches are the second tab):

    This is a dumb flat spreadsheet and will work with nearly every spreadsheet application on nearly every platform. You can literally do this on a phone.
    As of now I require scores that are being submitted for ranking to be on this scoring sheet and for the submission to be the excel file and not a print off, picture, etc…

    I strongly encourage the use of paper score sheets with data entry after the fact. This allows for SNAFUs to be much more easily sorted out. Plus, while paper can blow away, it can’t crash…

    Here is a score sheet that will work with nearly all matches:

    And here is a score sheet for King style matches:

    Lastly I strongly discourage the use of practiscore for actual scoring. It has been the cause of several matches not being ranked as the per shot data is often hard to dig out.

    To allow for results to be tracked over time, the old rankings will be archived here:

    Current Rankings are here:

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    Ángel Corral

    because my score and my ranking in the King of Caylus has been eliminated. In the August list it occupied the position 124 of the August list.

    Ángel Corral

    This is the old

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