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    For the 2022 Ko2M season we are revising the scoring system slightly to make the match easier to understand and explain. The previous system, while perfectly functional, was a bit of a bear to explain. It ended up being a barrier to some match directors to adopt it because they couldn’t wrap their head around the math and didn’t want to use something that they couldn’t explain to shooters.

    The old calculation was (X(X+100)/1500)/2 where X is the distance in yards. The new system is (X2)/3000 which is hopefully approachable at a glance for everyone. Essentially the score quadruples every time you double the range. 750 points at 1500 yards and 3000 points at 3000 yards for the base score. This tries to reflect the increase in difficulty as the range increases and shifts the victor in most matches towards people that do well at longer ranges. This is in contrast to the 2015 system of simply using the yardage as the base score where matches were usually won by people that did better at short ranges.


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