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    For the 2022 Ko2M season, I am revising the ranking system to try and better rank shooters by the consistency that they have demonstrated. This is not in any way a change to the course of fire, it simply changes how ranking works for Ko2M 2022 acceptance. In the previous system, I used 1 hit to advance as the general rule. Going forward I require 1 hit on a 3 shot target or 2 hits on a 5 shot target to advance. The idea is that one hit wonders can be effectively eliminated from high ranking that may not reflect their actual typical ability.

    This change by itself eliminates nearly a hundred people from the rankings. To take it a bit further, shooters must hit two sequential targets to be ranked so if a match starts at 2100 yards or beyond, shooters can’t simply get lucky on the first target and be ranked highly.

    Last, scores older than three years are no longer included in the ranking so retired shooters will drop off and make way for shooters that are still active. Since nearly every shooter has improved over the last few years, this effects virtually no active competitor.

    Creating a ranking system that can be applied to a fairly broad match format is intrinsically hard. To make matches equivalent, they all need to be scored using the same system and have essentially the same course of fire applied to them. To this end, all match scores were recalculated using the 2022 Ko2M scoring equation which is a minor tweak to the progressive scoring we had used in previous years. Essentially the base score is (X2)/30000 where X is the distance in yards. Hit multipliers are 5,4,3,2,1 for shots hitting in order. This scoring distribution means that hits at 2 miles are worth four times as much as a hit at 1 mile.

    In order to make the scoring comparable and to reward consistency, all scores after a shooter does not manage 1 hit out of 3 or 2 hits out of 5 are disregarded. So if you miss the first target and then hit everything out to two miles, your score is still zero. Harsh but if you missed the first target at Ko2M most years you were done; so for equivalency, it essentially has to work that way.

    To make the available points more equivalent across matches, the number of targets that will be taken for score is capped at 8 excluding a single shot cold bore target per day. For example If a match has post elimination hits on 10 targets then the scores for the closest two targets are disregarded.

    Only the highest ranking score by a shooter is retained. Then the scores are sorted first by the furthest consecutive range that had been hit and then by score into 300 yard brackets starting at 1500 yards.

    The takeaway message is that you shouldn’t expect that your ranking score will resemble the score from the match you have shot it in. While the process used to generate the ranking is somewhat complex, advancing in the ranks is simple, though not easy. Compete in matches and hit sequential targets.

    Variations on this system have been used for the previous four years for acceptance to Ko2M. Acceptance into Ko2M in 2022 will be largely based upon this ranking system. A very few spots will be given to members of industry that we feel would benefit from the experience and who would not otherwise qualify. At least 95% of the people accepted in 2022 will be based upon the rankings as they stand at the end of registration in summer 2022 and the only people with a guaranteed spot are people that made the finals last year.

    Match directors wishing to submit match scores for inclusion in the ranking may send them to Ko2M@FCSA.org. Because of the persistent problems with flashers, only matches that judge impacts beyond 1500 yards by either video or a forward observer will be accepted for ranking however all scores are welcome and will be archived for ELR history. If you need guidance on this feel free to contact us.

    The 2022 score sheet is available here (Ko2M style matches are the second tab):

    This is a dumb flat spreadsheet and will work with nearly every spreadsheet application on nearly every platform. You can literally do this on a phone.
    As of now I require scores that are being submitted for ranking to be on this scoring sheet and for the submission to be the excel file and not a print off, picture, etc…

    I strongly encourage the use of paper score sheets with data entry after the fact. This allows for SNAFUs to be much more easily sorted out. Plus, while paper can blow away, it can’t crash…

    Here is a score sheet that will work with nearly all matches:

    And here is a score sheet for King style matches:

    Lastly I strongly discourage the use of practiscore for actual scoring. It has been the cause of several matches not being ranked as the per shot data is often hard to dig out.

    To allow for results to be tracked over time, the old rankings will be archived here:

    Current Rankings are here:

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    Jeff Heeg


    I see the NRA used my name as Jeffrey – at #130 you might as well eliminate 130 because Jeff at #53 trumps it.

    Nice work and I like the changes in ranking you established.

    Jeff Heeg


    Cool, I’ll get that fixed in the next revision. The way names are handed to me by match directors is actually the biggest source of complications for the whole calculation. Yours is mild so I’m surprised I missed it though.


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